1945                       HAYFEVER

1946                       BLITHE SPIRIT

1947                       NIGHT MUST FALL


1948                       LADIES IN RETIREMENT

1949                       THIS HAPPY BREED

                                ARMS AND THE MAN

1950                       HINDLE WAKES

1951                       IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST

1952                       BONAVENTURE

1953                       THE HOLLY AND THE IVY

                                THE OLD LADIES

1954                       THE HEIRESS

1955                       MYSTERY AT GREENFINGERS

1956                       INDOOR  FIREWORKS

1957                       ISOBEL, EDWARD AND ANNE

                                LOVERS OF Mme DULAPIN & GHOST OF A CHANCE (1 ACT)

1958                       THE KILLER DIES TWICE

1959                       WHEN WE ARE MARRIED

1960                       MAN ALIVE

1961                       BREATH OF SPRING

1962                       DEAD ON NINE

                                COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS

1963                       THE IRREGULAR VERB TO LOVE

1964                       PETER PAN

                                BILLY LIAR

1965                       THE TINDER BOX

                                TWO FACES OF MURDER

                                HANSEL & GRETEL

1966                       THE BRIDE AND THE BACHELOR

1967                       PINNOCHIO

                                LORD ARTHUR SAVILE’S CRIME

1968                       ALADDIN

                                THE SECRET TENT

1969                       JACK & THE BEANSTALK

                                DEAR OCTOPUS

1970                       PUSS IN BOOTS

                                NO TIME FOR FIGLEAVES

1971                       DICK WHITTINGTON


1972                       CINDERELLA

                                END OF THE HONEYMOON

1973                       MOTHER GOOSE

                                THE BOYFRIEND

1974                       ROBINSON CRUSOE

                                SALAD DAYS

1975                       OLD MOTHER HUBBARD

                                LOVERS OF Mme DULAPIN & HARVEST OF LOVE (COMEDY PLUS)

1976                       DICK WHITTINGTON

                                HARVEST OF LOVE

1977                       JACK & THE BEANSTALK

                                LAUGHTER LINE:  SGANARELLE  &  FOR LOVE OR MONEY

1978                       CINDERELLA

                                THE WIZARD OF OZ

1979                       MOTHER GOOSE

                                LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS

1980                       ROBINSON CRUSOE

                                FREE AS AIR

1981                       OLD MOTHER HUBARD

                                OLD PORTOBELLO

1982                       JACK & THE BEANSTALK

                                HARVEST OF LOVE

1983                       CINDERELLA

                                MIDSUMMER MUSIC HALL

1984                       DICK WHITTINGTON

                                RUNNING RIOT

                                THOSE WERE THE DAYS (MUSIC HALL)

1985                       PUSS IN BOOTS

                                BEYOND A JOKE

                                FOR OLD TIMES SAKE (MUSIC HALL)

1986                       MOTHER GOOSE

                                WHEN WE ARE MARRIED

                                TIMES TO REMEMBER (MUSIC HALL)

1987                       ROBINSON CRUSOE

                                DEAR OCTOPUS

                                MUSIC HALL MELANGE

1988                       OLD MOTHER HUBBARD

                                TOWARDS ZERO

                                DOWN MEMORY LANE (MUSIC HALL)

1989                       ROBIN HOOD - THE PANTOMIME

                                DEVIL MAY CARE

                                HAPPY AS A SANDBAG

1990                       SON OF ALADDIN

                                AND THIS WAS ODD

                                BEST OF THE WEST

1991                       CINDERELLA

                                AN INSPECTOR CALLS

                                ITS ENTERTAINMENT

1992                       DICK WHITTINGTON

                                THE CURIOUS SAVAGE

                                THE BOYFRIEND

1993                       TREASURE ISLAND

                                NO TIME FOR FIGLEAVES

                                SUMMERTIME SPECIAL

1994                       JACK & THE BEANSTALK


                                RHYTHM OF LIFE

1995                       SNOW WHITE

                                MURDER DEFERRED

1996                       QUEEN OF HEARTS

1997                       SLEEPING BEAUTY

                                THE WYRD SISTERS

1998                       ROBIN HOOD

                                THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST

1999                       ALADDIN


2000                       CINDERELLA

                                THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK

2001                       THREE MEN IN A TUB

                                NO SEX PLEASE WE’RE BRITISH

2002                       PETER PAN

                                IT COULD BE ANY ONE OF US                 

2003                       HANSEL & GRETEL


                                DANDELION TIME  (YOUTH PRODUCTION)

2004                       HUNCHBANK( PANTOMIME )OF NOTRE DAME

2005                       SNOW WHITE

                                LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS

2006                       TREASURE ISLAND

                                STEPPING OUT


2007                       JACK & THE BEANSTALK

                                MORE RAZZMATAZZ

2008                       DICK WHITTINGTON

                                MARIGOLD / CAMP CONFIDENCE



2010                       ROBIN HOOD

                                THREE OF A KIND

                                WIZARD OF OZ

2011                       SLEEPING BEAUTY


2012                       ALADDIN

2013                       THE PIED PIPER

                                CALENDAR GIRLS

2014                       PETER PAN

                                HICKORY DICKORY DOCK

                                NEVILLE’S ISLAND

2015                       PUSS IN BOOTS

                                CASH ON DELIVERY

2016                       JACK & THE BEANSTALK

                               JOSEPH AND THE TECHNICOLOUR DREAMCOAT (ADC Youth)

                                A BETTER YOU

2017                       ROBINSON CRUSOE

                                BLOOD BROTHERS (ADC Youth)


2018                       RAPUNZEL


                               ONE ACT PLAY FESTIVAL

2019                     THE ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL (ADC Youth)

                                VICAR OF DIBLEY/BLACK ADDER 2

                              ONE ACT PLAY FESTIVAL

                              GEORGE'S MARVELlOUS MEDICINE

2020                    BLACKADDER RETURNS


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